GG Construction

GG Construction is a diversified landscape construction and maintenance team with the capability of handling large skilled projects to smaller commercial builds. We have had the pleasure of working with a number of great companies, all of whom are repeat clients due to our professional approach and timely completion of their requests.

GG Construction's guarantee is to complete projects within the budget we sign and to inform you of our progress regularly. Should you require an adjustment as we work on your site, we shall happily accommodate.

• Dedicated team with 24 hour call centre
• Fast, accurate and detailed estimates
• Friendly, uniformed staff that adhere to your company policies and safety regulations
• Landscape maintenance programs at competitive rates
• Top of the line training, ensuring you will be 100% satisfied

General and skilled labor for all site requirements is a unique service we offer. We handle staffing requests promptly with our reliable work force, no staffing agencies required. Our competitive rates and a well trained team, whom are dedicated to your site through to completion, highlights our services which enhance the productivity of your projects.

It is nice to know that in the event of an emergency, help is close by. Our company has the credentials to serve in any natural disaster. Our team includes certified water restoration technicians, supervisors, skilled laborers as well as skilled and general laborers trained in the following:
• Smoke and Ash Remediation
• Carpet and Content Cleaning
• Pressure Washing and Hot Pressure Washing
• Full Consumable Tracking and Inventorying
• Water and Mold Remediation
• Demolition and Rebuild of Water Damaged Structures

Our experienced team was involved with the remediation project of the Fort McMurray wildfires in 2016 as well as the Calgary Zoo flood in 2013. Our focus is to restore the state of an affected area quickly with care as we know this is not just a time sensitive project for you, it is an emotional time for everyone involved. We follow your direction precisely and above all we do so in a manner that is respectful to everyone on and near your sites. To attest to our work ethic, we encourage you to request references from our past and current clients which we will gladly provide. We also encourage you to see our guarantees in action and let us help you with your current or future projects. .